Student Information

Lander Veterinary Clinic hosts over 100 students each year from all over the world. We have two dormitory style rooms at the clinic which have two single beds and we have one roll away bed (all linens are provided). We try to host a maximum of four students at one time. We have full kitchen and laundry facilities for student use and a shared shower/restroom area for students. There is internet access at the clinic and full access to a library of books for students to use.

Students are expected to bring a pair of boots and a few pair of coveralls when they come, although, we do have extras of each if necessary. A rectal thermometer and a stethoscope are also good items to pack in your suitcase.  

Clinic hours are from Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 5pm, and Saturday 8am-12pm. Doctor schedules often begin and end outside of clinic hours. We also rotate a doctor on call for after hours emergency service everyday through the week and on weekends and encourage students to participate in all emergency calls. Students are asked to arrive the Sunday prior to the beginning of their rotations to become familiarized with the clinic and get settled in. The first day of the rotation is usually booked as a sick cow and emergency call day. After day one students are booked to travel with different veterinarians for herd fertility each day in the morning and are assigned to afternoon work as it arises.


***PLEASE NOTE:  Effective immediately - due to the overwhelming demand from students, Lander Veterinary Clinic will now be charging a housing fee for veterinary students.  The fee will be $250/week for the duration of the students stay and the maximum allowable weeks for an externship with Lander Veterinary Clinic for ANY student will be 4 weeks.  This fee will be waived for students attending acreditied schools in the US and Canada.  Also, due to the increased demand, we will be limiting our externship positions strictly to third and fourth year veterinary students. 

Should you have any questions or concerns:

Please contact Stephanie Ralls student co-ordinator at the clinic

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